So Pretty Clay Earrings Handmade by Pamela Beswick, Clay Artist

So Pretty Clay Earrings Brand 
Unique mix of pretty handmade polymer clay earrings for women who love variety! C’mon in and take a look at my unique mix of polymer clay earring designs all carefully handcrafted and made with love in small batches. I offer more than just one style, so if you’re like me and like variety - you’re in the right place!

I love creating an eclectic mix of styles in my earring designs applying both traditional classic polymer clay methods and modern trendy fashion clay techniques. I handcraft my earrings with high quality, lightweight polymer clay. Techniques include working with flat slabs, layered canes, textured patterns, and mixed media. I hope that you will cherish each lovely nuance in my handmade polymer clay earrings and hope you’ll love wearing them as much as I enjoy making them in my art studio.

My Story
I have been a lifelong creative beginning in college I studied Art and Marketing. I wore many hats along my career path working for Fortune 500 corporations in finance and marketing before joining my husband Kevin in our national architectural and hotel photography business for 30 years. I fell in love with designing earrings with polymer clay and immersed myself in studying global polymer clay artists video tutorials for many months to learn best-practices from basic techniques, slabs and advanced canes. Over a year ago, one of my daughters and her friends encouraged me to start my own earring business so they could buy my earring designs, so here I am! I hope you will enjoy following along on my creative journey.

Polymer Clay Design Process
I only use high quality polymer clay which I condition 20-30 times manually using my Italian pasta machine. This fully blend colors and softens the clay and makes uniform thicknesses for each layer. Earrings are cut, designed and then baked (cured) in a dedicated toaster oven for about an hour. Round or square canes are hand cut with a professional slicing machine from Europe - one slice at a time and placed on a thin background layer. I finish all my earrings by hand sanding, sealing mixed media paints and glitters, and buffing mostly by hand for better control or, with my power tool. I finish my jewelry with natural matte varnish, clear museum-quality Renaissance Wax or glossy UV Resin to both protect paints or mica powders and to achieve a desired glossy glass-like effect.

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Gift Bags & Gift Boxes
So Pretty Clay Earrings shop delivers all my pretty handmade earrings in a white sheer organza gift bag inside a glossy white gift box ready to gift, or to keep to celebrate you!

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Sincerely, Pamela Beswick, Polymer Clay Artist